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Our non-governmental organization ("Youth security service" or "Center for Protection and Development of the Individual") has been helping the citizens and law enforcement agencies to solve a wide range of issues related to countering drug trafficking, pedophilia, slavery, organized crime, fraud, corruption, extremism, terrorism, religious fanaticism, and ethnic conflicts since 2001. We help citizens who do not know where to go with their problem or afraid of corruption and afraid to report information themselves to law enforcement agencies. We also conduct consultations and lectures for teachers, parents, students of schools and colleges on the prevention of drug addiction, extremism and Internet risks.

Since November 18, 2016, we are conducting research and investigation of the consequences of the phenomenon associated with suicidal themes, which became known under the name "Blue Whale".

The work in this direction is carried out with the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, the profile officers of the units for countering suicides of the criminal investigation department and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for . Moscow, departments "K" of the Ministry of the Interior of a number of cities of the Russian Federation.

Direct contacts are established with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ukrainian Republic, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika. Also we have exchange of operational information with russian on-line consultants-psychologists of the project YOURTERRITORY.ONLINE.

Activities include monitoring suspicious pages of curators and players of the "game", the introduction and development of curators for their subsequent identification and possible criminal prosecution depending on the legislation of the country in whose territory the person is located. Information is received from volunteers and expert groups of citizens making research in this field. In case of suspicion of a real risk of suicidal intentions, information on the special channel is transferred to the city where the alleged person is in a crisis situation. According to these signals, the work takes only a few hours from the fact of identification by the Interior Ministry employees at the place of residence (on the territory of the Russian Federation).

Because of the spread of the "game" to the territories of other countries, we are establishing contacts with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of a number of countries, crisis services and active citizens to transfer the latest Russian experience to counteract this phenomenon.

A few key points that you need to know and understand:

1. There is no "world conspiracy" and "control center" by this phenomenon. Never and nowhere has it been fixed "pay for the work of curators" or "filming for video the moment of suicide for sale." Inspections for 1.5 years by the police of the Russian Federation and the FSB did not confirm these legends.

2. In all countries, the development of the phenomenon seems to be a chaotic process of infecting a significant mass of people who learn after the publication in the press and on TV about the "game" of the blue whale, after which one part of the people (mostly teenagers) Game to "see what's inside", and the other part (psychopaths, manipulators, trolls, mentally ill people) learn that "you can be a curator)

3. The main age of curators from 14 to 23 years, single cases of detecting the curators of 28-33 years each time revealed people with different options of mental ill health against the background of personal unhappiness

We are ready to advise citizens of any country on this phenomenon, to advise educators, social workers, parents and police officers and other special services for an objective understanding of this phenomenon

We are interested in cooperation with psychological help services, telephone hotlines and police officers

Reliable publications on the topic:

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"Blue whales" anatomy. Review of the "death groups" made by sect experts for parents.

in the near future: "How to work with teenagers playing viral social games?" (Guidelines)

Sorry, but we did not translate video stories and the telecast
The completion of our investigation under the Curator of "Thema" (TMR):
"How to protect children from suicide" - an interview on the St. Petersburg TV channel
Detention of the curator-blackmailer-Sidorov by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow in the criminal case on the declension of juvenile suicide

Press conference

"The dangers of the Internet: how to protect the child from a rash step"

Detention of one of the first curators of suicidal games, the founder of the "hip" of the suicidal theme of F. Budeikin:
Explanation of the phenomenon of "death groups" on the TV channel "St. Petersburg"
Primary communication with the curator of a suicidal game after detention:



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